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More on mills

Jonathan Neville, who runs the website on Norfolk mills, made the following interesting comments having seen the blog post.

The Tottenhill trestle base was enclosed within the roundhouse while the mill was in use.  The Little Snoring open trestle mill did not have a roundhouse so is a slightly better example

The trackway around the mills was narrower when the mills used a fantail to automatically turn the mill to the wind. This system only came into use after 1807. Sometimes the trackway for the necessary wheels would be paved, e.g.,  www.norfolknmills.co.uk/Windmills/garboldisham-postmill. If the mill was turned by hand the pathway would almost certainly have been wider.

Many thanks to Jonathan for the extra information.

Also, I love the place name “Little Snoring”.  I wonder if there is a Much Snoring?