News update December 2018

Firstly, CAGG was shorted listed for the CBA Marsh Award for Best Community Archaeology Project.  The CBA Archaeology day / AGM was held yesterday in York.  Kris, Ruth, Peter and Jim went up for the event.

Although we didn’t win (and congratulations to the group from Woking who did), it was a pleasing result to be listed in the top three projects.  Congratulations to all our volunteers who have worked at Verulamium over the years.


Secondly, this Tuesday sees the biennial “Near Surface Geophysics Group” conference at the Geological Society in Burlington House, Piccadilly.  Those of you with good memories will recall that I gave a paper about the work at Verulamium at the last conference in 2016 (sadly, the link to no longer works as that service has been discontinued). This time round I decided to make a poster instead.  As the poster is A0 (i.e., huge!), I won’t post a link to the 145mgb PDF file but I have posted a much reduced file below.  Please note, however, that even this is 10mgb so you’ll probably not want to click on it on your smart phone (for those of you who have such a thing).

Lastly, depending on the weather, a small group of us may be out surveying at Ashwell Church this Sunday.


2 thoughts on “News update December 2018

  1. Ian Burns

    Congratulations on your highly commended award last year. I was very impressed with what I have seen of your survey of Verulamium and wonder if your results could resolve a query I have about the layout of the town. In particular, did Watling Street cross insula III as shown in David Thorold’s guidebook on Roman Verulamium (published in 2015), or stop before it entered the insula as shown in Rosalind Niblett’s book Verulamium The Roman City of St Albans (reprinted in 2002)?

    1. hertsgeosurvey Post author

      In other publications of Ros’ she shows Watling Street running across Insula III as well, but I have seen no evidence to support this in any of the group’s surveys so far.


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