Anyone new to this blog or geophysics in archaeology is recommended to read the material on the “Geophysical survey in archaeology” page.

We may be creating our own digital data deluge, but today was the more traditional sort consisting of water falling from the sky. At midday the heavens opened and that was that. Another 10mm or so of rain. That makes over 20mm (or about an inch in old money) in the last 36 hours.

The GPR crew managed one 40x40m block before midday.  Figure 1 shows the time slices.

Figure 1: GPR time slices from day 8.

Sadly, nothing hugely exciting jumps out.  There are a few straight lines towards the NW corner which might be surviving walls, and the big blob just left of centre.  The blob is very curious.  It is quite persistent through the top slices.

Figure 2 shows one of the slices in context.

Figure 2: slice 5 in context.

This area is proving quite frustrating.  Lots of blobs and odd bits of straight line, but no clear buildings as we have had elsewhere.  Very curious.

I told the mag team to take everything with them, so I’ll report on their progress tomorrow.

Figure 3: the mag team work under a cloud.

Figure 4: the GPR crew at work.

Thankfully, the forecast is better for tomorrow, but damp again on Sunday. Many thanks to everyone who got a little wet today in the name of archaeological survey!  Your efforts are much appreciated.


1 thought on “Deluge


    A little wet? we got soaked – I put the hair dryer on Fergus when we got home, and combed him . His fur has gone all fluffy and curly, so he now resemble a small white barrel – at least he looks clean. Pauline


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