Back and forth

Anyone new to this blog or geophysics in archaeology is recommended to read the material on the “Geophysical survey in archaeology” page.

Today was like most days, back and forth along the strings. We had the added delight of temperatures into the 30s centigrade. Just a little toasty. It is (hopefully) going to be cooler tomorrow.

The mag team consisting of Jim West, Ruth Halliwell, Dave Minty and Rhian Morgan continued extending the block of mag data southwards.  The results are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: the magnetometry data at day 3.

As you can see, there are a lot of linear features, some very faint. In the theatre field I was clipping the image to +/- 5nT.  Here I have clipped it to +/- 2nT.  They look like field boundaries, and the one to the west heads for the corner where the gate is.  They don’t, however, match the boundaries shown on the 19th century OS maps.  I’m probably going to have to shell-out for the tithe map of St Michaels.  Tomorrow the crew are going to keep heading south and up slope, and soon they should be hitting the Fosse.

Figure 2 shows quite how dry the site is.

Figure 2: John Ridge and Anne Petrie using the GPR.

The GPR team consisting of Mike Smith, John Ridge and Anne Petrie, occasionally hindered by yours truly, managed our standard 80x40m block, although in the heat in felt like a great deal more.  Time slices 3 to 11 are given in Figure 3.

Figure 3: time slices 3 to 11.

As with yesterday’s data, it is annoyingly blobby.  In a way this is probably a good thing as it means that not everything has been ploughed right down to its foundations.  The fourth slice (top row, middle slice) seems to show a wall running SW–NE across the middle part of the plot.  There is something going on here, but it is very unclear.  The next three Figures show slices 4, 5 and 6 from today and yesterday superimposed on the Google Earth image.

Figure 4: days 2 and 3, slice 4.

Figure 5: days 2 and 3, slice 5.

Figure 6: days 2 and 3, slice 6.

Hopefully, as we get closer to Watling Street to the north, we will start picking-up some clearer structures.

I think everyone was grateful for the end of the day.

Figure 7: at the end of the day.

Tomorrow, however, is sawtooth Saturday…

Figure 8: a plethora of survey flags.

Many thanks to everyone who helped today.  It was hard work in the sun!


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