An amazing effort

Anyone new to this blog or geophysics in archaeology is recommended to read the material on the “Geophysical survey in archaeology” page.

A quick post on yesterday’s results. The GPR crew consisting of Mike, Nigel and Dave managed an amazing 100x40m of GPR, 20m finishing off Thursday’s two grids and two more. Good job! The Earth Resistance team of Jim, Julia and Kris finished a series of fiddly partials and a couple of whole blocks. A quick look at the results.

Fig. 1: slice 4 of the GPR results.

Figure 1 shows the main 80x40m block.  A series of rooms can be seen running NW-SE across the SW corner.  The walls have been robbed and are showing a light lines, but the floors survive and are the dark block blobs. On the original image, there may be signs of a hypocaust showing.

Fig. 2: slice 5 of the GPR results.

The next slice down shows the courtyard building to the north of the previous one in better detail, and a long two-roomed building showing clearly lying along the line of the dry valley.

Fig. 3: slice 6 of the GPR results.

In Figure 3 we are already getting below the level of the buildings, but a few more walls are showing-up.  Today we will be looking at the block to the north, and so should pick up more of the courtyard building.

Fig. 4: the Earth Resistance survey.

The Earth Resistance survey shows another building quite clearly near the fence.  One of the dark black blobs is the result of the oak tree sucking water out of the ground.  The other one is the line of the Roman road.

Fig. 5: the Earth Resistance survey, high-pass filtered.

The high-pass filtered version (Fig. 5) shows the walls more clearly and gets rid of the some of the impact of the tree and the road.  Some more details can be seen, such as a double line along the edge of the road.  Drains, maybe?

Fig. 6: the mag data in the same area as the Earth Resistance survey.

Fig. 6 shows the mag data in the same area as Figs 4–5.  Some of the building lines can be seen, nut not as clearly as in the Earth Resistance data.

Fig. 7: total area covered by the Earth Resistance survey.

The last image just shows the area covered by the Resistance survey so far.

Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Today we are going to try the six-probe multiple depth resistance survey, otherwise known as “the beast”!


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