9999 is the number…

Anyone new to this blog or geophysics in archaeology is recommended to read the material on the “Geophysical survey in archaeology” page.

….not of the beast, but of the number of transects we have surveyed with the GPR.

Fig. 1: Nigel completing transect 9999.

Fig. 2: line 9999 completed.

The completion of line 9999 is of interest because (9999 x 40) / 1000 = 399.96km.  That’s a lot of GPR data…!  Secondly, we were wondering what happens after line 9999.  Does the machine reset to line 0?  Does it go on to line 10,000? Or, millennium bug-like, does the machine die horribly?  Well, on the next line the machine went on to line 10,000.  Yay!  OK!

But…  yes, there had to be a but…  Sadly, the next line was also 10,000, as was the next one, and the next one!  We needed to reset the clock back to zero, but the only way to do that is to download the data, then delete all the files. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought to bring a USB stick, so we had to head home early.  Well, Friday was always known as POETS day, wasn’t it?

The one good piece of news is that I managed to get the grid in the right place.  The next two images are the underlying mag data, and then yesterday and today’s GPR timeslices.

Fig. 3: the underlying magnetometry data.

Fig. 4: The GPR data.

As you can see, the lower block of GPR data, which we surveyed today, seems remarkable unexciting.  The slices largely reflected cultivation patterns.  I was playing with the new software and tried other colour palettes.  How about traditional black and white?

Fig 5: the less colourful version of the GPR data.

It is faint, but at the northern edge near the southernmost corner of the townhouse we surveyed yesterday, is a faint rectangular building.  In the colour image it is impossible to see it, but in the BW it is faint, but clear. Lesson to self, the “boring” BW palette actually works quite well!

Thanks to Mike and Nigel for coming today.  Tomorrow we soldier-on with the GPR’s memory freshly-wiped.




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