Gorhambury once more

Today saw a small but dedicated team of Kris, Graham and Mike brave the poor weather to survey at Gorhambury. Luckily the weather improved during the day and was pleasant if windy in the afternoon.

I am going to have to start the 2017 season with two apologies.  The first apology is to Graham who agreed to come and collect some equipment from my house.  Unfortunately, road works and unhelpful workmen led Graham on a mystery tour of Hertfordshire.  The second apology is that I am utterly incompetent.  With one thing and another we only managed a single grid today, but unfortunately it was a grid we had surveyed in 2015.  Aaaaarrrrghhhh.  I’ll be grovelling for a while I fear.  It does, however, give us a chance to compare the old survey with the today’s, processed with the new software.

Fig. 1: the old survey data from 2015.

Fig. 4: today’s data. 17.55-21.46ns (c. 79 to 97cm below surface).

Fig. 4: today’s data. 14.76-18.66ns (c. 66 to 84cm below surface).

Fig. 3: today’s data. 11.96-15.87ns (c. 54 to 71cm below surface).

Fig. 5: today’s data. 9.17-13.07ns (c. 41 to 59cm below surface).

There are some interesting comparisons.  For example, in Fig. 4 we can clearly see a square block in the middle of the room towards the east.  Not sure what that is… but it is very clear.  On the other hand, the rooms to the west show better on the old plot than they do on the new one.  At the moment I do not know if that is a function of the the data being collected on a different day (it was pretty wet on the surface today which may have limited depth penetration), or a factor of my use of the new software!  I’ll have to investigate some more.

Tomorrow we will start something new.  I promise…!


One thought on “Gorhambury once more

  1. April Claridge-Elstob

    This is fascinating for me, as I have a very strong Past-Life link to here that ended with the Iceni attack in AD61, at the villa. I was fortunate enough last year to be allowed access to the site which was an amazing experience, with lots of goosebumps. I have written the full account of this ‘Past-Life’ into a novelised form, currently under publication. Being on the actual site also enabled me to take photos for the book.


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