Multichannel GPR

As many of you know, when we do a “normal” GPR survey we collect lines of data 50cm apart. The closer the lines, the more detailed the image. Mala, the manufacturer of SEAHA‘s GPR, make a “Mira” system which has multiple antennae in one box.  By attaching one of these multiple antenna system to a suitable vehicle like a quadbike, and using a high-accuracy GPS, it is possible to collect data for large areas quickly, and at an optimal line spacing of 8cm…  The “mini-Mira”, which has featured on Time Team, has eight antennae in the one box.

The mini-Mira attached to the back of a quadbike with a dGPS.

Mike Langton of Mala Geoscience, kindly offered to come and do some survey at Verulamium for us if we could find a quadbike to tow the system. That took some doing, but AA Sherriff and Son saved the day.  We spent a day and a half in Verulamium park with Mike driving the bike, and Mike Smith, Julia Merrick and myself providing support.

Mike Langton with the MiniMira at Verulamium.

The proper data processing is going to have to wait until Mike returns from holiday but he couldn’t resist sending me a quick snap of his laptop screen with some very preliminary results.

Very preliminary view of the results of part of the Mira survey.

This is the part of the town partly surveyed by Larry Conyers in 2013.  The road in the middle has been robbed.  The building above it is the one partly surveyed by Larry, the one below is a new result for GPR (although it shows partly in the mag data).

We are very excited by the new results and await the full survey data!

Many thanks to everyone who helped, especially Mike Langton, David Thorold and AA Sherriff Ltd.


One thought on “Multichannel GPR

  1. David Thorold

    I’m disappointed you weren’t pulling wheelies in the park on the quad bike yourself Kris! data looks good..


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