Watling Street

Firstly, apologies to those who turned-up and found themselves unemployed. With ground conditions difficult for the resistance meter, we just couldn’t run all three machines. Thank you for being so understanding.  Looks like it will rain most of tomorrow, so hopefully we can press-on with the resistance survey on Saturday.

The mag survey in the second field, which I am going to call the macellum field for convenience (it isn’t the field’s real name) is going well.  Firstly, an image of the whole town:

The mag survey of Verulamium.

The mag survey of Verulamium.

My long-held dream of having a complete survey of Verulamium is getting close to becoming a reality!  Thank you everyone.

Looking at the new area in more detail:

The area surveyed on days 29 and 30 in the macellum field.

The area surveyed on days 29 and 30 in the macellum field.

Hopefully, everyone can see the clear linear feature running from the SE to the NW.  This is Watling Street, the main road from London to Chester.  As one might expect just near to the gate (which was robbed and then excavated, and lies in the trees), there appear to be lots of little buildings along the road which show as white lines against the mid-grey background. What is more curious is the rather different look of that background: much less even and more noisy. I’m not sure why, yet.  The field certainly feels different: flatter, slightly different vegetation, and is obviously closer to the river.  Perhaps we have moved from chalk to the river gravels?  I must check the geology map…

The GPR has been doing lots of bitty blocks around the edge of last year’s survey area.  Rather than hold-up the posting of the mag data, I thought I would do the GPR later when I have dropped all the different areas on to Google Earth.

Thanks to everyone who helped today, especially Graeme for acting as my driver and go-fer as I limped around the field  (don’t ask!), and Ruth for helping transport all the equipment.



One thought on “Watling Street

  1. Ruth

    From the geology map we have moved from chalk onto sand and gravel river terrace deposits. Great to see Watling Street so clearly.


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