Having lost a day on Thursday the team ventured out in misty damp weather to continue the survey.  It was a lovely day… for mid-November.  The English summer!

‘Partials’, that is grid squares which have bits missing around the edges of a survey area, are always fiddly to survey.  A partial which has no top or bottom line are especially fiddly. Today the mag had almost nothing but partials to survey in the corner between the lane and the theatre.  They managed, however, and were rewarded with two whole squares… up a slope!  Today (Saturday) they have three more partials, and then a swathe of open country.

The results after day 4.

The results after day 4.

Some more buildings can be seen in that corner, although they are hard to see, probably due to the build-up of colluvium caused by soil-creep down the hill building up against the hedgerow.

The sinuous ditch appears to continue, although we need the grid-square in the angle to confirm this.  I realised, just after the last post, that this feature was originally found by the survey undertaken by English Heritage in 2000.  As to what it is, that is going to be the subject of some debate.

We have also hit an area of very high contrast in the westernmost grid square.  Probably another building, but why so magnetic? It will be good to see the square to the south.

The GPR managed another two grids, over the corner of the temple in Insula XVI and then on over the line of buildings.  I’ll try and look at those results in more detail soon.  The resistance meter, with two new plugs, was working better for one square, but went back to being stripy for a second square.  Very annoying as even through the duff data one can see it is something worth doing.

Luckily, the weather forecast is better today.  We were all a bit damp by the time we went home.  Thanks team for soldiering on even in bad conditions.


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