Technical breakdowns…

Tuesday saw a good-sized team out on site.  Having managed to get a charger for the GPR (thanks Ralph!), the resistance meter was still playing up and we had some problems with the mag initially.  A group from UCL came to use the GPS, and even that didn’t work!  We managed, however, to at least identify the problems and resolve some of them

The mag survey managed another six grid squares despite the late start and got some excellent results.

Results from the second day.

Results from the second day.

The line of buildings we saw in the first day’s survey continues nicely, and in the SW corner we have clipped the SE-NW road.  Also, a little but more of the temple is starting to show.

The resistance meter has some problems, but the two squares we have done do show details of the temple very nicely so once it is fixed, it will be well worth continuing that survey, as slow as it is.

Just a quick posting today as we are about to start day 3!


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