Today we ran the mag and the GPR on a warm, if not very sunny, day.  All went well, and we completed an area 80m by 160m with the mag, and 80m by 40m with the GPR.  All in all a good day’s work.  Many thanks to everyone who came out and helped.  The GPR results will take a little longer to process, but the mag data is looking great.

The mag survey after day 3.

The mag survey after day 3.

The temple in Insula XVI shows in the mag data quite nicely, if not very strongly.  We hope that the GPR and resistance surveys may show more details.  The line of buildings which runs SW to NE that we started to see on day 1 is showing very nicely.  Surely they must lie along a road?  Other buildings are also showing, and I have marked just one of them.  This is Monument 744 in the “Urban Archaeological Database”.  Just to the north is a long sinuous ditch.  We have about 65m of it so far.  The UAD only has 31m of it, recorded as Monument 740.  Unfortunately, both these monuments post-date the publication of Niblett and Thompson’s Alban’s Buried Towns so I am trying to find out some more information.

The weather forecast for tomorrow (Thursday) is looking grim, so we may not go out.  If so, I’ll work on the GPR data!  So far, however, the results are looking great.


2 thoughts on “Sinuousity

  1. John Newton-Davies

    Forgive the ignorance but would there be a reason for the temple and theatre both being on a NE/SW alignment?

    1. hertsgeosurvey Post author

      The main grid for the town is along that alignment which roughly parallels the line of the river to the NE and the higher ground to the SW. The entrance to the temple and the theatre are deliberately aligned, however, probably because the theatre was used as much for religious purposes as for entertainment.


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