Rain stopped play

We returned to the site near Royston last Friday, with a small team consisting of Kris, Jim West, Sarah Talks and Frankie Saxton.  It was cold and damp and one of the cars got stuck in the mud, but we persevered.

The site near Royston after the third day.

The site near Royston after the third day.

We managed three grids before lunch, and then, as we were drinking our tea and stamping our feet to keep warm, it started to drizzle, so we decided to call it a day.  Typically, the sun came out an hour or so later, but I don’t think any of us regretted our decision.  Thanks for braving the wet and cold everyone!  The three grids we did do (see image above) revealed some more of the enclosure to the NE of the survey area.  Looks like there is more to find in all directions.

Sunday was forecast to have a wet start and sadly, the forecast was correct.  At 8 a.m. I cancelled the survey.  Then the sun came out.  Then it rained heavily.  Then the sun came out.  Oh well, never mind.  I did go walking near Marsden Hall in the afternoon and the light of the setting sun was beautiful.

Winter light.

Winter light.

We are hoping to go out again soon, but with short days, rainy weather and the impending holiday season, we may be a bit restricted in our options.

Best wishes, Kris.


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