A new survey near Royston

CAGG postings are like buses: none for ages and then two at once.

CAGG was asked if we would be interested in surveying a Roman site near Royston. Many of the sites we would like to work on are not available at the moment, as the wet start to the winter has made many fields too muddy for the cart.  This field is due to be ‘direct drilled’ however, and seemed suitable.  We spent last Friday and Saturday there, and covered most of a square 160m by 160m, which isn’t too bad given the short winter days.

The team on site.

The team on site.

Although the weather was a bit grey and dreary, at least until Saturday afternoon, we had a very successful two days.  Many thanks to Jim West, John Dent, David Minty, Nigel Harper-Scott and new member, Peter Alley for joining in.

The results, shown below, are quite spectacular.  There are clearly some very substantial ditches, especially the straight ones to the north, west and south, as well as a wide variety of more minor ditches, pits and other features.  It looks as though we have picked up a line of post holes pretty much in the centre of the area surveyed.  The quieter area to the NW is where the field dips steeply.

First two days of the survey.

First two days of the survey.

It is one of the clearest surveys we have been involved in, and clearly the site continues beyond the boundaries of where we have worked.  We are hoping to do some more work here, so get in touch if you would like to help.

At the end of two chilly days on site, we were treated to a wonderful sunset.

A Hertfordshire sunset

A Hertfordshire sunset


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