Two sunny days at Ashwell

We had a short window of opportunity between cuts of silage to return to the site at Ashwell and extend the survey we started last year.  Although the Iron Age site had been surveyed previously by Mark Noel, the Foerster allows us to take many more readings per square meter which gives a clearer picture.  Many thanks for Sam Sheppard for allowing us access to the field.

The Institute of Archaeology, UCL, now has a dGPS to which we have access.  The site grid should have been easy to lay out as a result.  Unfortunately, the phone signal was a little weak so it took longer than I had hoped, but it did the job eventually, and the data matched the previous survey perfectly which was a big relief.  We managed six grids on Monday and an excellent ten grids on Tuesday.

Combined plot of the survey's at Ashwell.

Combined plot of the survey’s at Ashwell.

The first image shown above shows the Roman cross-roads site we surveyed previously on the top-left.  The main survey area is a composite of the previous three days of survey plus the two new days.  Luckily, no sign of a join!

The Iron Age site.

The Iron Age site.

This second image focuses in a little more on the Iron Age site.  As you can see, there is a whole mass of ditches and pits in this area, some very strong and some more subtle.  Disentangling and phasing these results is going to be quite difficult, if not impossible without some excavation to test the relationships.  It does, however, clearly show a multiphase settlement with trackways and enclosures.

Many thanks to all who turned out to help on two beautifully sunny days and contributing towards this excellent result.



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