The final day?

Yesterday was the last day of the funded phase of the project.  Looking back I think we can be proud of what we have achieved.  The course was a success, the surveys have been great and we have almost finished Verulamium…  Sadly, “almost” finished.  The rain on Wednesday and Thursday kept us all away (apart from Jim and his tablet, but more on that in another post) but we had a fantastic turn out on Friday, many thanks to everyone who turned out.  We managed seven “fields” (i.e., grids, partial or otherwise) before the rain started at 1pm and drove us away.

The south-west corner of the survey area as of 31st January 2014.

The south-west corner of the survey area as of 31st January 2014.

Sarah Poppy, Assistant Inspector of Ancient Monuments for the region, kindly agreed to give us an extension to the Section 42 licence so we can finish what we began.  We’ll be out tomorrow (Sunday) working our way west to east along the southern edge of the town.  The weather forecast is good, so fingers crossed for a successful day.

What about the future?  There is lots to do.  We have to write-up the surveys we have conducted including making the overlays and, of course, keep on surveying.  It would be excellent to survey more smaller sites to add to those we have completed but any cultivated fields are impassible at the moment given the rain we have had.  Fingers crossed we have a window of opportunity between the fields drying out a bit (if they ever do!) and the crops getting too tall to walk on.

More postings and information to come, so keep an eye on the blog.


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