Four days at Verulamium

Due to a few annoying problems I won’t bore you with, I was a bit behind with the data processing for Verulamium.  As I wanted to show our results on Saturday when we gave a short paper at the St Albans Local History Forum conference held in Verulamium Museum, I had to get it done.  The day after the conference  Jim West, David Minty, Ellen and I braved the wind to do another days work.  Combining the four days of work together we have (1) done some more in the west near where we started, (2) completed a number of annoying fiddly partials around the playground and the octagonal pavilion, and (3) begun to survey the area to the east of the footpath.  Many thanks to everyone who turned out over those four days and apologies for the delays in getting the data processed and posted.

Survey results as of October 28th 2013.

Survey results as of October 28th 2013.

There is still quite a bit to do at Verulamium, especially to the east of the path and to the north near the road.  Hopefully, we’ll get it all finished soon.  Weather permitting, we’ll be out again on Thursday.

We will be speaking about the project over the next few weeks at various venues including a research seminar on the 25th November at the Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London at 4pm.  You are welcome to attend.


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