Wayman’s field, Ashwell

Last weekend, we managed to undertake a survey on the small field to the west of Great Buttway, where we surveyed earlier in the year.  This time the aim was to see if the small Roman period settlement found in Mark Noel’s survey in the NW of Great Buttway continued, as seemed likely, into the next field.  We only managed six grid squares, but these are clearly “where the action is.”  The rough surface resulted in some nasty stagger errors, which I have managed to correct somewhat in the software.

The survey in Wayman's field.

The survey in Wayman’s field.

Mark Noel’s survey showed a road running NW-SE which we clearly have continuing through our survey, with multi-period enclosures off to either side.  It would also appear that we have, possibly, a crossroad running SW-NE.  The much stronger response near the road compared to the rear of the enclosures is also interesting, and possibly represents differential rubbish disposal.

We also undertook a magnetic susceptibility survey over the same area and I will post those results when I have processed them.  The Ashwell Archaeological Group did a pick-up survey in the same field so we will be able to compare the results with surface finds as well.

Many thanks to Sarah Talks for organising access to the field, to Mr Wayman for allowing us access to it, and to all our volunteers who pushed the cart, banged in pegs and moved the strings.  It was a very successful few days work.


One thought on “Wayman’s field, Ashwell

  1. Roger Masham

    Hello Kris & Ellen. Very good to see these results – must have been an interesting spot in years past. You’ve clearly been successful with that destagger software although the effect of the parked cars on the northern boundary is clearly visible. Is it possible to post a link to the previous survey in the adjacent field? Are the sensitivities compatible? It would be good to see the bigger picture together with your survey in the field to the south earlier this summer. I much look forward to comparing this with the field walking results and your mag suseptibility survey.
    All the best, Roger


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