Two windy days at Ashwell

On Saturday and Sunday we were surveying near Ashwell.  Brian Dickinson and Graeme Spurway from the North Herts Archaeological Society, Ruth Halliwell from the Welwyn Archaeological Society, and Sarah Talks, Alfie Talks, David Hall, Sheila Murray and Jane Buxton from the Ashwell Archaeological Group all turned out on two blustery days.  Luckily the rain held off and we completed nine whole squares on Saturday, and nine whole or partial grid squares on Sunday.  As I mentioned before, we are surveying around the edges of a previous survey undertaken by Mark Noel.

Despite the bumpy conditions of the harrowed field, the results are very good, see the image below.  We have a number of irregular enclosures in the SE of the plot, probably individual house compounds, as well as a complex series of ditches probably forming compounds and drove ways in the centre of the plot.  These form the southern edge of the large Iron Age settlement surveyed by Mark.  The northern part of the plot would appear to show field boundaries which would echo the results from some surveys undertaken in Prycem’s field to the north of the road.

The survey results at the end of the third day.

The survey results at the end of the third day.

The field was due to be sown today, but we may be able to undertake some more survey later in the year.  Meanwhile, we would like to do the school playing field at Verulamium Park before the new term begins.

Many thanks to Gil Burleigh and Sarah Talks for helping with the arrangements, and especially to the landowner Sam Sheppard.


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