Change of plans

Due to the terrible weather forecast for tomorrow (Friday), we decided to change our plans and try and squeeze a few grids in this afternoon at our new site at Ashwell.  Many thanks to Jim West for foregoing his sail boarding and coming out to help at short notice this afternoon.  Despite the wind, it was mostly a nice afternoon although we did have one heavy shower in the middle of the first grid.  We managed six grids in three hours, a respectable tally.  We have a further ten grids surveyed in ready for Saturday.

A large proportion of the field has previously been surveyed by Mark Noel, a commercial geophysicist with Geoquest, in 2003–6.  We are surveying the bits that weren’t covered in those previous surveys, as the Iron Age settlement in particular clearly spreads further to the south and east.

The plot (see below) is pleasingly good with many clear features and some very subtle ones.  The image has been cropped to +/- 2.5nT, i.e., much more than Verulamium where most of the images are cropped to +/-9nT.  The main problem with surveying here is that the odometer is less accurate than on the mowed lawns of the Park.  We are getting about a 0.8-1m over-run which I am having to “destagger” in TerraSurveyor.  Tomorrow I’ll adjust the odometer settings to try and eliminate that problem on the weekend.

The first day's results from the site near Ashwell.

The first day’s results from the site near Ashwell.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday and Sunday.  Contact the usual address for instructions.


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