Going it alone?

Firstly, many thanks to David Minty for coming out on Saturday to help.  We managed a very respectable eight grids.  Unfortunately, there was a problem with the third sensor and one or two grids were not as beautiful as I have come to expect.  When I woke this morning, the sun was shining and the weather looked good, so I decided to go and re-do those grids on my own.  Those of you on the mailing list know that Ellen thinks I am mad!  Actually, with the grid corners already spray-painted on the grass, it isn’t as bad as it sounds.  Much to my surprise, a colleague from the Institute of Archaeology, Tessa Machling, spotted me as she was walking across the Park and came and helped move strings, ably assisted by her daughter Nellie.

The latest plan shows how well we are doing (see below).  We are now left with (a) the area to the east of the footpath up to the lake; (b) the wild flower area along the road which will be cut in the autumn and (c) lots of fiddly bits around the edges.  We should be able to complete the Park during what remains of the project.

Area surveyed up to 14th August 2013.

Area surveyed up to 14th August 2013.

Zooming into the latest area in the SE of the town we can see the 1955 ditch clearly, and the start of the bend.  It will be good to join the two areas up around the back of the hypocausted building.  There is one stunningly clear building showing to the south of the ditch which doesn’t appear on the plan of the town digitised by Ralph.

SE area of the town.

SE area of the town.

We are taking a short break from surveying in the Park in order to survey a site near Ashwell this weekend.  We went to the site yesterday and laid in the grids with the help of Clare Lewis.  We’ll be out Friday to Sunday in the hopes of completing the site before the crop goes in on Monday.  Fingers crossed for good weather.


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