Pride cometh before a fall

Today’s team consisted of Clare Lewis, Jon Wimhurst, Pauline Hey, Julia Merrick, Morag McBride and Pippa Colao (who is certainly our youngest helper yet!).  We managed a record breaking ten grid squares, but sadly the tail end of the second grid and the third grid were ruined by the dreaded “sensor freeze”.  We are, however, now at the southern edge of the site not far from the London Gate.

In the images below I have left in the ruined grid square so that you can see the impact of “frozen sensors.”  Despite that problem, we can see the “1955 ditch” coming through that area heading SW–NE. There are a few places where I haven’t masked out the stripy bits from “spinning the wheel” in order to do partials.  It’s late.  I need a beer…  One may also ask why we have done such a peculiar set of squares.  We were avoiding goalposts.  Unfortunately, I discovered at the end of the day that those goalposts aren’t going to be moved, so we’ll have to do them, posts and all, next time.  I have also provided a zoomed in view.

Day 13: the whole survey so far.

Day 13: the whole survey so far.

Day 13: the southern area.

Day 13: the southern area.

We’ll be out again on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Pride cometh before a fall

  1. Ron Wingrove

    saw you guys working today (I was working on the tennis courts) Do you plan to map the area closer to the northan wall?
    Ron Wingrove


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