Not the Magna Carta

The Park was busy today with the celebrations for 800 years of the Magna Carta.  The sunny weather, which only turned to showers late in the afternoon, no doubt helped to bring in the crowds.

Jean Bluck, Jon Wimhurst, Ruth Halliwell and Charles Stancer turned out today and we managed to complete nine grid squares, although one of those was my experiment to see if the removal of the goalposts makes a big difference to the results.  The image below shows the same grid square, with goalposts to the left and without to the right.  There is an improvement in the results, but is it enough to be worth redoing half a dozen grid squares?  Answers on a postcard please…  It is certainly worthwhile my asking the Park authorities what the plans are for the other goalposts in the Park.  It would be nice to minimise how much we data we lose to magnetic noise.

The impact of the goal posts on grid 30/55.

The impact of the goalposts on grid 30/55.

We are now working our way steadily south towards the London gate.  The slightly odd looking choice of grids was because we didn’t fancy doing an awkward one with both trees, dead tree trunks and goalposts right at the end of the day!

The results at the end of day 12.

The results at the end of day 12.

We’ll be out again next week.  Look out for the email (if you’re on our list) or contact us in the usual way otherwise.


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