Half way mark

As July draws to a close we have reached the half-way mark of the project.  We have bought the machine and run the course.  Even if we never surveyed another block in the Park, we have added significantly to what we know about Verulamium.  I now know more about the site at Six Acres and am looking forward to finishing the survey when the crop comes off.  The first site of several near Braughing has been completed.  Plans for surveying at Ashwell are advancing well, and we have agreement in principal for Wheathampstead.  Although the next couple of months are going to be extremely busy, I think we can be pleased with what what have achieved so far.

All this makes me think of the future.  What happens after the project has ended?  We are developing into a good group, and it would be a shame to lose that, even if people can still borrow the machine.  How can we collaborate?  Can we sustain the momentum we have built up?  Obviously there are many projects we could pursue: the rest of Verulamium, the landscape around Wheathampstead, the plethora of sites near Braughing, to name but three.  Having thought about this a fair bit lately, I wonder if a new group would be the best way to go? How about the Community Archaeology Geophysics Group or CAGG for short?  We could keep using this website, and we already having a mailing list.  Should we be just a virtual group, or should be have a formal membership? We can collaborate on surveys, or design and implement larger survey projects, we could share expertise and equipment, and perhaps meet now and again for mini-conferences looking at results etc.

Is this a good idea?  Is anyone prepared to run it at first? Would you all join? Let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Half way mark

  1. Ruth

    Hi Kris, I would certainly join and be happy to support getting it set up, it has been a great fun learning something new and adding to our knowledge of our area.

  2. Jarrod Burks

    For starters, I think you should bring your American colleagues back for more fun survey and data processing! Seriously, I had a grand time of my very brief stint as a Roman archaeologist. You all have a good thing going and I hope you can take good advantage of so many interested and capable participants. Good luck!

  3. John Dent

    It would be a pity not to build on the beginnings of our new expertise. With great results to date these must eventually be interpreted for the wider community. I would happily learn more and enjoy supporting some form of collaboration.


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