Moving the goalposts…

Despite the storm clouds we only had a few drops of rain yesterday and our intrepid team of Jon Wimhurst, Mike Smith, Jim West and Pauline Hey managed a good seven grids despite having some annoying partials to do.  We are now up to the footpath which runs across the park from the car park to the London gate.  Part of of survey area is currently occupied with a fun fair so we’ll have to do that later in the year.  Many thanks also to Roger Miles who has made us some improved bolts for the cart.

As you can see, we have now joined the two areas up where the old field lynchet was in the way.  Some more buildings are showing in the northern area.  I’m also interested in the way the large round positive anomalies (big pits? hearths? kilns? some work is needed modelling those) do appear in rough alignments.  Interesting stuff.

As you are aware, big ferrous objects register strongly on the magnetometer.  The goalposts are a particular problem as they are not only big, but a loop through which we have to go.  Guess what?  Yesterday afternoon they started taking them down!  Although the posts were going, the steel foundations will still be a problem.  Next time we are in the park we plan to redo one grid which had goalposts to assess how much difference they make to the results.   While on the subject of big ferrous things, the northern most grid squares have some sort of pipe or cable running through them (the strong black/white signal).  I have never seen a pipeline/cable have such a massive impact on the results.  One grid square is almost completely hopeless between the pipe/cable and the goalposts.  I’ll try and find out what is there!

The results at the end of day 10 of the survey.

The results at the end of day 10 of the survey.

I’m often asked how much we have done, and how much there is to go.  Well, the answer is a great deal and a great deal.  With some trepidation the image below shows the extent of the whole town.  We won’t have time to do west of Bluehouse Hill this year, but we should get the whole of the Park surveyed.

day10results whole town

This weekend sees us moving on to survey part of a Roman “small town” at Braughing.  Contact us in the usual way if you can come and help on Sunday.


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