The course is over, but the work continues…

Now that we’ve had a week to recover from the excitement of the geophysics course, we have gotten back to our surveying in Verulamium Park.  First, a huge thank you to everyone involved in the course, instructors and participants and student workers.  You were all magnificent.  Also many, many thanks to Simon West, David Thorold and the staff at the Verulamium Museum.  What wonderful, helpful hosts!

Before I get to the latest results, here is the link to an article about our visit from the Mayor of St. Albans, Councillor Annie Brewster.

Now, the results from Monday.  It was extremely hot, but our intrepid volunteers Clare Lewis, John Dent, and Bernard Jones braved the heat and completed five and a half units.  Five and a half? I hear you say.  Yes, we finally tackled the partial grids with trees in the middle and let me tell you, it was quite fiddly and took a long time.  Kris tells me that the processing is extra work too, but he managed to make it all come out looking good:



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