More results from last week

After a week catching up with life, we are ready to start surveying again next week.  Meantime, a few more results from the surveys last week.

After a small technical hitch (I put the adapter in the wrong box and it ended up in Harlow), we have managed to download the last three grids we surveyed with the magnetometer last Friday.  I have added these to the main plot and overlain them on the Google earth image.  We seem to have found the path and a couple of modern pipes or cables, as well as the goalposts!  In between the modern disturbance, however, more of the archaeology can be seen including a bit more of the building thought to be the mansio.  We will have to do those fiddly grids to join the two areas soon, as well as finish things off in the western edge.


Larry Conyers has kindly sent me a timeslice from the GPR work done near the cafe.  As you can see, the results are excellent showing the road and buildings alongside it.  Very nice results indeed.  Thanks Larry for the excellent work, and thanks also to Alex Blanks for acting as Larry’s “gofer” during the week.



Next week will see us back in Verulamium Park for a couple of days and then off to a new site near Braughing.



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