The final day of the course

Today saw the final day of the course, with lectures on multi-instrument surveys (and why one bothers) and ground truthing.  The latter is perhaps better described as confirming one’s interpretations rather then “ground truthing,” as the readings taken by the instruments are what they are, it is what we make of them that matters.  We then looked at the results of the various surveys undertaken during the week.

The afternoon saw a more limited range of surveys being undertaken, with the Foerster mag cart out and Rinita collecting some more magnetic susceptibility survey data.  David Thorold kindly took some of the course participants across the road to see the theatre.

By way of looking at multi-instrument surveys I have created two images.  One is the mag survey alone from the western part of the survey area and one is the same survey with two small resistance grids overlain on them.  The western grid is at 1m spacing and was a quick and coarse attempt to see if the ‘1955’ ditch shows up and any of the buildings/roads.  The second was to see if the dark rectangle in the mag data could be clarified by some resistance survey, this time at a 0.5m spacing.

The western area of magnetometry data.

The western area of magnetometry data.

The western area with the res overlain on the mag data.

The western area with the res overlain on the mag data.

Although the res data is crude and only small scale, one can see how it adds to the plan, strongly suggesting walls running at 90 degrees from the 1955 ditch.  The hot dry conditions are not the best for resistance survey and it would probably be best to pursue that in the autumn.  It also seems to me that the ditch remains an important feature in the townscape of Verulamium.

We will be having a short break now after the flurry of activity but we would like to thank everyone involved either directly or indirectly in the course. including the staff of Verulamium Museum, the course tutors and participants, our sponsors, and the student helpers from UCL.  It was a fantastic if exhausting week.


2 thoughts on “The final day of the course

  1. Jim West

    As a student on the course I would like to thank the tutors and others who made the course possible and such fun to be part of. I’m sure the results will enrich our understanding of Verulamium.

  2. Dent John

    I completely agree with Jim. It was a privilege to have lectures at the highest level, and fun too, especially from Larry.


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