Day 2 of the course

What a day!  Andrew Bevan started with an introduction to LiDAR, followed by Kris taking about resistance survey.  After tea break Rinita Dalan and Jarrod Burks gave an introduction to magnetic susceptibility.

Larry Conyers has done a “quick” process of the GPR data he collected with Alex Blanks on Monday.  The results look wonderful including the road and building evidence,  We’ll post some images in due course.  Today he surveyed in the Vicar’s garden which wasn’t easy, certainly when compared to the nice open spaces of the Park.  We eagerly await the results.

Ralph Potter of WEAG bought his GPR along and surveyed another 40x40m block between the museum and the cafe. Bill Martin (SAHAAS) bought his resistance meter along and surveyed another block of data, and Dave Wilbourn surveyed four blocks with the Bartington dual magnetometer.  Rinita Dalan undertook some magnetic susceptibility work.

Gaygysyz Jorayev of UCL came with the UCL Qatar aerial drone and surveyed the Park from the air.  It was great fun watching the plane flying around taking photos.  It was certainly an exciting thing to watch.


Gai lauches the drone.

We were also visited by the Mayor of St Albans, Councillor Annie Brewster, who stayed and chatted for quite some time having been shown all the various instruments.  All in all, a very productive day.


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