Another hot day

Well, it is better than rain!  Thanks to Julia Merrick (SAHAAS), Barbara Harvey, Debbie Curtis (WAS) and Graeme Spurway (North Herts Archaeological Society) who turned out today.

The day started with someone stealing the backsight flag before I had even got up the hill to the station point, and so I guess I am going to have to abandon that little time-saving idea.  Shame really.  We were then visited by Ren Hudspith of the Manshead Archaeological Society of Dunstable and a photographer from a press agency.  A busy start all round.  We managed another five grids before other commitments and the heat drove us away. The results are posted below.  We have now surveyed 27,200 square meters, that’s over half a million readings!  The site looks much quieter (archaeologically) up the hill than lower down, which is an interesting observation.  Why were the town walls built so far out in the 3rd century?

The results from Day 4 at Verulamium.

The results from Day 4 at Verulamium.

Next week is the course which should be fun.  If you aren’t attending but would like to come and see what we are up to, we’ll be out by the tennis courts every afternoon from 2-5pm.


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