A hot and sunny day in the Park

After the cold and rain of the previous day’s survey, today was a scorcher!  Burcu Urundul (Welwyn Archaeological Society), John Dent (St Albans and Herts Archaeological and Architectural Society) and Ralph Potter (West Essex Archaeological Group) were out today continuing our survey in Verulamium Park.  There was a minor hiccup at the start of the day when a toddler wandered off with the pin flag we were using as a backsight for the Total Station!

Survey in the Park

Burcu and John surveying in the park.

We did, however, manage to survey another five 40 x 40m grids.  The results are posted below and are very interesting.  The ‘1955’ ditch clearly shows across the plot, and there are a number of ditches and linear features.  One feature that catches my eye is the rectangular one indicated by the white arrow.  It is about 4.5m long and 2.75m wide and is quite strongly magnetic at about 12 to 20 nT, but not so much so as to be metallic.  Very curious indeed.  It is also interesting to see that there appears to be more activity inside the ‘1955’ ditch (to the NE of the plot) than outside it (to the SW).


The results of the survey after the third day.

Tomorrow sees us out for the last time before next weeks course.  Wish us luck!


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