Training Day!

Our first day with the new magnetometer. Thanks Thomas and Pat for teaching us how to use it.


2 thoughts on “Training Day!

  1. Richard Maddams

    a couple of ideas on the Braughing survey. could the lines be some form of old mole or such drainage system? or a stripped out road ( roman! )
    Also, inbetween the two parallel lines towards the right hand side, there is a small circle . it appears/ is made, because it is void of the geology specks… what is this ?

    1. hertsgeosurvey Post author

      Hi Richard,

      it is really difficult to make head or tail of this survey. The lines look too wide for a mole plough, although they could be drainage. My guess, however, is that they are most likely to be geological, perhaps the formation/erosion of alluvium along the river? There are a few round features which might be pits, or more likely ovens or such like. There is an especially clear one on the left hand side.

      Best wishes, Kris.


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